Astrology. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert.

Astrology. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert.

Real Tantric Massage Experience. Nude Naturist Body to Body Tantric Massage.

I am writing about Astrology.  It is a huge part of my life.  I have always had an interest as Astrology is the first Science.  Below is a simple Timeline of the origins of Astrology.  This is by no means all there is to it.  I have been studying formally for many years.  This study has only scratched the surface of my understanding of how it works.

Please do not think it is all just frivolity as many of you have read your sun signs in the paper or online.  I have personally met the wonderful Shelly von Strunckel.  She has flown the flag for Astrology for over 25 years.  Many “professional” Astrologers do not appreciate that she has worked so hard to make Astrology accessible to the public.  The knowledge, wisdom and interest that is generated by Astrology being in our daily lives by her and and other Astrologers is fantastic.  It may be the first experience that you have had of Astrology by seeing the Sun signs in print.

It is a very complex and in the same breath very simple way of understanding the world.

I bet all of you no matter how sceptic know what your Sun sign is???

Astrology. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert. London Tantric Massage.
Astrology. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert. London Tantric Massage.

The sky is the most mysterious part of our everyday experience. Familiarity may make the amazing events going on at ground level seem almost ordinary. Plants and animals grow and die, rain falls, rivers flow. We feel we understand that.

But the sky is beyond comprehension.  Two great objects travel through it, one hot and constant, the other cold and changeable.  In the daytime it is moody; there may be blazing sun, or racing clouds, or darkness followed by thunder and lightning.  And yet on a clear night the sky is the very opposite – predictable, if you look hard enough, with recognisable groups of stars moving in a slow but reliable manner.

Man’s interest in the sky is at the heart of three separate stories – astronomy, astrology and the calendar.

Astronomy is the scientific study of sun, moon and stars.  Astrology is a science interpreting the supposed effect of the heavenly bodies on human existence.  In early history the two are closely linked.  The sky is the home of many of the gods, who influence life on earth.  And the patterns in the sky must surely reflect that influence.

Astrological Timeline

Creation of the Signs

This is the beginning of astrology! Vishnu (sun) was the symbol of life and worshipped by the Hindus. Our beautiful sun takes many forms and incorporates its energy throughout every soul.  The Hindus named each unique energy and by associating certain god-like creations with each constellation.

The Birth of the…Birthchart

During this time the Egyptians intertwined astrology and religion.  They were first to cast a birth chart and designate a special god for each month.  The stars all recieved names such as The Maidan (Virgo) or The Bull (Taurus).

Reign of the Babylonians

Ancient astrologers would observe movements of stars and planets from a water tower while developing the modern zodiac.  Each planet was considered a god and a name was assigned to it.  The gods include: Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Mercury and Mars.

Chinese Astrology

Chiese astrology was also developed during this time. In this belief there are 12 years and each year is represented by an animal. There are also five elements that represent that positive and negative (i.e. yin and yang). Western astrology relies on the sun while Chinese astrology relies on the moon.

Mazel Tov!

The Hebrews were also followers at this time.  The common phrase “Mazel Tov”, which means joy or happiness for a special occasion, comes from Mazot. Mazot means “sign of the constellation”.  So, Mazel Tov= Have a good constellation/birthday.

Royal Death

Ramses II, an Egyptian king, was buried in a lime tombstone covered with astrological symbols.

Common Practice

Astrology was a common practice.  The Roman ruler Augustus created coins adorned with his astrological sign (Capricorn).

The Fall of Rome

Astrology popularity began to decline after Rome fell.  The western religion Christianity claimed it was the work of the devil.  Ironically, as the church grew they used astrology for their own benefit.  For instance, St. Thomas Aquinas believed planets controlled everything!

Renaissance and Astrology

The Arabs and Persians began to follow Greek teachings and utilise astrology alongside other sciences like mathematics and medicine.  In the 12th century these practices were shared with Europe.  This helped lead us into the Renaissance.  Sadly, Persian and Muslim astronomers refuted astrology due to scientific and religious purposes. This was the start of a new age and a decline for astrology.

Age of Enlightenment

This was an age full of science.  As a result astrology and astronomy became separated for the first time.

20th Century

Astrology rose in popularity through astrological material (books, magazines, radio programs).

New Age Movement

The beginning of the NAM (New Age Movement) meant more awareness of astrology and the power it holds.  We continue to embrace the NAM today as views continue to venture towards the reality of the world.

Astrology. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert.

Real Tantric Massage Experience. Nude Naturist Body to Body Tantric Massage.

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