Dinner Date Special Offer! Lucy Massage.

Dinner Date Special Offer!

London Tantric Massage Lucy Massage Dinner Date Special Offer!

This is your chance to have an amazing Dinner Date.  I live in Mayfair Central London W1.  I would love to meet you and have a Dinner Date.  We can go out locally and have a leisurely Dinner Date.  I would also be able to meet you at your Home or Hotel further afield.  Lets have some fun!

Dinner Date Lucy Massage Tantric Massage London.
Dinner Date Lucy Massage Tantric Massage London.

We can start with having a lovely Dinner Date together.  I am charming company and delight in good conversation.  It is a chance to spend more time together and enjoy each others company.  

I dress discreetly and elegantly.  I also have polished table manners.  The restaurant can be of your choice.  I am open to any type of cuisine.  If you would like suggestions to where it would be nice to dine, I can also help.

We can do fine dining or go somewhere more casual.  London has so many wonderful choices for culinary exploration!

After our date we can either go back to your place for you to experience my Real Tantric Massage.  If you prefer you can also have your Real Tantric Massage at my luxury location in W1 Central London.

Real Tantric Massage will relax your mind and your body.  You can experience a Total Body Orgasm.  If you would learn more about me you can see my About Me page.

The price for my Dinner Date Special Offer is just £300 including the Real Tantric Massage Experience.

We can spend time to have a relaxed evening together.  All I ask is that you turn your phone off.  This so we can have the opportunity to get to know each other without interruption!  It our special time together and I would like to make the most of it.

Please be a gentleman and offer me an envelope as soon as I arrive to avoid any awkwardness.

Do not think that wooing me involves going Dutch!  Although I love the Netherlands this custom does not fly with me!  I will remind you to be a gentleman!

For my security you must give your full name, phone number and address of where we will meet to start our Dinner Date.

Our starting point will be at your place (my place if we are going to stay local to W1 Central London for our Dinner Date.)  I am not prepared to meet someone I do not know in a restaurant with no starting point (this is for my security).  if we do know each other it is no problem to meet at a restaurant. 

The plan will be to have an un-hurried Dinner Date followed by a Real Tantric Massage Experience.

Dinner Date Special Offer!

London Tantric Massage Lucy Massage Dinner Date Special Offer!

Please CALL to book for Dinner Date Special Offer.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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