Expectations. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Expectations. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Sensual Nude Naturist Body to Body Tantric Massage London.

Today I have been prompted to explain EXPECTATIONS. I received the longest email ever.

Expectations. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.
Expectations. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Normally when I get an email it is about a question like “What do you wear?”. My response is my extremely well fitting Birthday Suit! The clue is in the NUDE TANTRIC MASSAGE. Others are asking if I am around on a particular date or time. My response is CALL to book as my lovely receptionist Leonie will do her utmost to agree a time and date which will fit in with your schedule.

There is always one that makes you think. In the email I received yesterday it detailed second by second exactly what the gentleman expected. He also copied and pasted all the wonderful comments that had been written about my Tantric Massage Experience.

What he failed to notice despite his copy and pasting was each comment was different. No two Tantric Massage Experiences were written about exactly the same. Each person experienced for themselves relaxation in their mind and body. That fact was the same. That is what I offer. The Ultimate Relaxation Experience.

I do not treat everyone exactly the same. Each session is different. Even if we have met before (sometimes many times over many years) the experience is different. I do not treat people like they are on a conveyor belt. Everyone is different. Everyday is different. I am different. The energy is different. He failed to appreciate that even for those who resist change what happens is everything around you changes. It is impossible to stay exactly the same.

Here is link to Lucy and Conveyor Belt YouTube Link. Hope it makes you smile!


For me I actively work on changing everyday. I seek out change. I seek out wisdom. I embrace change. Even when I have my “Free” time for example this weekend I attended a Shamanic Conference. I met and learned from wonderful Shamanic Practitioners from around the world. I shared also my wisdom with them. Even speakers who were not the most eloquent, I learnt how not the explain and present the wisdom I am trying to convey.

You can learn a lot from bad teachers. Not everyone speaks to you in a way that you can understand and respond to. Their energy may not sit well with you. They might grate with your own views and feelings. But you can still learn a lot.

I endevour to impart my Tantric teachings in a Shamanic Way each day with everyone I interact with. It is the way I live. Because I do this daily I have enormous experience. I have been practicing for over 20 years. My journey as a Shaman started very early for me. I was only 5 years old when I was noticed.

Please see ABOUT ME for details of my qualifications and membership of professional bodies.

The main message is Expect the very best. Do not put obstacles in your own path. But at the same time you have to have the ability to maneuver in the moment. Even if you have done something repetitively for many times there will come a day when chaos happens. No matter how practiced you are. No matter how fixed your expectations are. The universe will teach you. It is your choice when something different happens whether you learn from that experience.

Have you expectations but be optimistic and expect the very best!

My message to Mr copy and paste is start living with a beginners mind. Live in the moment. Start to have fun and enjoy life. You cant control it. Enjoy the journey. Expectations could bred discontentment when you are too future orientated. Have a laugh and be spontaneous!

Expectations. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Sensual Nude Naturist Body to Body Tantric Massage London.

Please CALL to book London Tantric Massage Experience.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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