Happy New Year from Lucy Massage Tantric Massage Expert.

Lucy Massage Tantric Massage Expert wishes you a Happy New Year!

Another fantastic year meeting friends for Tantric Massage in London.  This year 2015 has been a transition year as it has been my first year living in London. It has been full of surprises! London living has proved to be exciting and challenging for me.

There are going to be lots of changes in the New Year. I hope to have a permanent Tantra Studio in W1 Central London in January. London is also going through changes to make transport easier. It is now even easier to jump on a train and pop into London. As for you London Guys I know that the Westend is a magnet for you. There are so many wonderful restaurants and places to go. After my year of London living I still have not gone to all the restaurants I would like to try.

I love to share the fantastic Tantric Teachings with you all. If you are running around the Westend or coming in from out of town pop in and meet me. You can enjoy a sensual Tantric Massage and also try relaxing holistic treatments I offer.

I am a real masseuse and teacher fully qualified and insured. I also will be attending Oxford University part time from January to March 2016. Pop over and see me on Sundays in Oxford. As much as I love to teach I also love to learn. I like a bit of intellectual stimulation! I have been studying and teaching Holistic Therapies for 20 years. Tantric Teachings are a way of life for me.

Start the New Year as you mean to go on. Treat yourself. Feed your spirit. Relax and unwind.

It is a perfect time to really embrace your New Years resolutions. I can help and support you. Think about how you are living and what you are working towards. If you keep doing the same things you will get the same results.

Change is good! Let me help you get that energy flowing. I will be starting in January a Chakra Detox and Balance. Join me and you will have more energy and optimism. Decide to feel good.

Tantric Massage can ease you on your way to health and happiness.

You may decide to try Taster Session or have a longer Luxury Tantric Massage. You will feel the benefits in your body and mind.

Happy New Year to you all! See you in 2016 for a Tantric Massage Experience.

Lucy x

Lucy Massage Tantric Massage Expert.
Lucy Massage Tantric Massage Expert.

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