Meditation. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Meditation. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Tantra Expert Holistic Therapist Nude Naturist Real Tantric Massage.

When you meet me you can enjoy and relax your Mind, Body and Spirit.  My wealth of knowledge in Holistic therapies spans 20 years.  I seek out new and exciting methods of treatments but still honor the ancient teachings.

I treat patients in an individual way.  It is important to find a Therapist who does not treat you like your on a conveyor belt.  You are beautiful and unique.  Everyone responds in their own way.  Everyone has their own reasons for seeking treatment.

I have a huge range of qualifications.  I am fully insured.  I also have membership of professional bodies.

Please see ABOUT ME for more details.

My journey to learn about Meditation has taken me all over the world to learn techniques.  I have also attended Oxford University.  I have been taught by experts.  All world religions involve a form of mediation (you might not of realised it as it is so natural).

You do not have to be alone on top of a mountain so embrace mediation.  Real warriors are people who can get into the zone in a busy noisy environment.  It can also be done in just a minute for yourself.

Mediation. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.
Meditation. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

You will be able to keep your head and make decisions when all around you people are flapping and panicked.

I always ask everyone I meet how they incorporate their practice.  These interviews which span over 20 years help me to help others.  There will be a form that you can put into practice in your life.

No matter how fried your head feels you will be able to join in!

During our Tantric Massage Experience you will hear my soothing voice and I will take you though a guided Meditation.  It is really lovely when you are in the same rhythm with others.  I have immense practical experience.  Sometimes I meet people who have tried it and didn’t like it.  It is just a case of finding an experienced teacher who is in tune with you.  I can help!  You will have a magical time.

Even though you have come for a massage to relax the physical you will discover that everything in the body is controlled by the mind.  If you are not in the right space in your head your body wont relax.  It has to be a Holistic experience.  This why I practice Real Tantric Massage.

To treat your mind I am a very experienced Meditation Teacher. I use many different methods to help you engage.  There will be a form which you will respond to.  You may realise that in your own way you already practice a form of Meditation.  No prior experience is needed to enjoy my sessions.

My Tantric Massage Experience will help you feel calmer and clearer in your thought process.  No stress, worry anxiety or fears will creep into our special time together.  This is your chance to completely unwind.

You can ask me any questions via my LIVE page before you book.  You can also have ongoing support by phone, email and WebCam. When you book my receptionist Leonie will be on hand to book you in.  She keeps my diary and can help with inquires.  You can be safe in the knowledge my phone is always answered even if I am busy teaching.

Meditation Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage

Tantra Expert Holistic Therapist Nude Naturist Real Tantric Massage.

Please CALL to book Nude Naturist Tantric Massage Experience.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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