Aim. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Aim. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Virility. Orgasm. Release. Erotic. Sensual. Relaxation. Mature. English. Professional. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert.

Today I am talking about the AIM of my sessions.

Aim. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.
Aim. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

I provide the ultimate relaxation treatment.  It is very important in this technological time where work is 24 hours that you find time for yourself and de-stress.  It is a no phone zone!  You must switch your phone off and not have the constant beeping of texts and emails!

I personally think that this pressure is the biggest contributor to male virility (and also the the hormones in meat so buy some good organic veg boys!).

Luckily the AIM of my sessions is not just to relax the body but the mind as well.  The focus is to listen to your body and let it respond how it needs to respond.  The AIM is total relaxation not just the physical release.  Some people do not have a physical release but energy is shifted so that you are letting go in higher levels of consciousness.

It is however important to stimulate that sexy Sacral Chakra in order to achieve balance.  Remember that this Chakra is all about touch.  For me when I work with it, I like to spark that creativity of new ideas and inspiration!

Your Sacral Chakra is located in the area of your navel, lower abdomen, low back and sexual organs.  The basic issues affected are creativity, sexuality, money, relationships, empathy, nurturing, pleasure, emotions, movement, change, warmth, and intimacy.  It represents your ability to go with the flow – grace and acceptance and allowing yourself to enjoy your life and achievements.

The associated body parts are your hips, lower back, sexual organs, bladder, kidneys, stomach, large intestine, pelvis, appendix, and bodily fluids.

Our roles are affected by the programming in this area of fear of abandonment, financial security, social status, children, and creativity.  You can be controlled by your fears, level of trust, control, blame, guilt and shame.  This area is concerned with daily aspects of living, people to whom we relate, and quality of our relationships.  It also relates to everything we own, money, relationships, and passion.

As you are coming to me for a pleasurable session virility a factor.

Virility is very important for many men and women, no matter what age they are.  There are three components that may affect one’s virility, these are: desire, arousal and orgasm.

Desire usually involves a basic lack of interest.

Arousal problems include sexual unresponsiveness.  Orgasm problems usually involve the inability to control orgasm.

Virility is a very important part of the quality of life for many people.  New research shows us that older people are still very virile.

A healthy response depends on the health of the nervous system, circulatory system, endocrine system and psychological system.

Virility can really be effected by medications, weight gain, stress, emotions, and poor body conditioning.  Circulation to the sex organs becomes limited due to obesity, heart disease, high cholesterol, stress, diabetes, etc.  The quality of the sexual experience is very important for both partners.

Men may have problems with lack of libido, impotence, premature ejaculation, lack of sensation, or maintaining an erection.  Women may have problems with lack of libido, loss of sensation, or inability to achieve orgasm.  It is important to treat this effectively, because it may represent some deeper physical health problem.  It is a signal from your body to pay more attention and get your body in better health.

Please check with your GP or Doctor before starting any diet and exercise THESE ARE GENERAL HEALTH TIPS.

Signs and Symptoms:

Lack of inability to control orgasm.

Arousal problems.

Lack of interest.

Lifestyle Changes:

Exercise 1-hour every day. Always include aerobic exercise and weight training.

Avoid alcohol.

Stop smoking.

Stop using drugs.

Decrease stress.

Do nice things for yourself: take a vacation, buy some new clothes, get a new look, etc.

Get 8 hours of sleep a night.

Dietary Changes:

Start eating a low fat diet, where less than 30% of total daily calories comes from fat.

Choose lean cuts of meat. Avoid fried foods and cream sauces.

Eat fish 3 x a week. This will provide you with good essential fatty acids which will improve the health of your circulatory system.

Eat more raw and dry roasted seeds and nuts for more essential fatty acids.

Eat 30 grams of fiber daily in your diet.

Eat 5 servings of fruit and vegetables daily.

Drink 10 glasses of filtered water daily.

Decrease caffeine intake.

Drink green tea or black tea at least once daily.

I can help with tips and advice as I am a very experienced practitioner.  As I mentioned before the AIM is for you to totally relax and have a wonderful session and leave the outside world outside while you are with me.  This will recharge you and you will feel refreshed and content.

Pop over and try a taster session and feel what I get up to!

Aim. Lucy Massage. London Tantric Massage.

Virility. Orgasm. Release. Erotic. Sensual. Relaxation. Mature. English. Professional. Lucy Massage. Tantra Expert.

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See you soon,

Lucy x

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