Carnaby Street W1 Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage.

Carnaby Street W1 Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage.

Lucy Massage Tantra Expert Carnaby Street London W1.

Meet Lucy Massage for a relaxing Real Tantric Massage Experience in Carnaby Street London W1.

Located in the City of Westminster in central London W1, Carnaby Street is a pedestrianised shopping street close to Oxford Street and Regent Street. You can find a large number of independent fashion boutiques and fashion and lifestyle retailers on this street. It is an important street on which many streets cross or meet such as Beak Street, Broadwick Street, Kingly Court, Ganton Street, Marlborough Court, Lowndes Court, Fouberts Place, Little Marlborough Street and Great Marlborough Street. Oxford Circus tube station, on the Bakerloo, Central and Victoria lines, is the nearest London Underground station.

Popular fashions have dominated this avenue in Westminster for decades. Carnaby market first emerged in the 19th century and immediately became famous as a retail location. It was created just after Karnaby House was built in the area in 1683 and it got its name from this building. However, it got its reputation as a fashion hub only in the 20th century. Irrespective of the decade, it was the place where popular style flourished and in many cases they originated here. Given below are ten interesting facts regarding Carnaby Street.

Carnaby street Sign

Rising from Destruction: The Great Fire of London in 1666 had burned down a sizable portion of the surrounding area of Carnaby Street but it soon sprang back to life with the construction of Karnaby House and many other homes leading to the creation of a new residential district in the area. Many buildings still exist while some of them are now part of the fashion district.

Fashion Sub-Cultures Through the Decades: In different periods of the 20th century and early 21st century, the fashion sense of youth culture had changed and Carnaby Street was the place where you could get the culture prevalent at that time such as Mods, Hippies, Punk, Rockers, Goths, Revivalist Mods and others. Several shops along the street belonged to John Stephen and each of them catered to a different sub-culture from 1955 to 1975. He specialised in making available the latest fashion to young people during the 60s and 70s, that earned him the nicknames “The King of Carnaby Street” and “The £1m Mod”.

Bright Fashions at a Place with a Dark Past: The area around Carnaby Street is now glittering with bright fashions reflecting colours and happiness. However, the same place had a dark past during the Black Death period and it had a “pest house” that was meant to take care of those affected by the Bubonic Plague. It was also home to a mass grave for the fatal victims of this disease.

Celebrity Shoppers: The popular shops on Carnaby Street used to cater to mostly young people in the 1960s. However, in addition some famous music icons also used to patronise these shops as they would visit these shops to buy a nice outfit before proceeding to their music shows and other programmes. Some of these famous people and groups included The Jam, The Kinks, The Small Faces, The Sex Pistols, Jimi Hendrix, Tom Jones, The Rolling Stones, The Who, and The Beatles. In 1973, the street was closed so that a pedestrian thoroughfare could be made and as a result many of the fashion stores moved to Chelsea while Carnaby Street became home to less fashionable souvenir shops and later on the boutiques took over.

Come and visit Lucy Massage in Carnaby Street London W1. Real Tantric Massage.
Come and visit Lucy Massage in Carnaby Street London W1. Real Tantric Massage.

Come and visit Lucy Massage in Carnaby Street London W1.

Top Cat: When the Top Cat store was to be opened, the owners hired Tom Jones to walk with Bond girl Christine Spooner in one arm down Carnaby Street, while leading a cheetah on a leash.

References to Carnaby Street in Pop Culture: As so many musicians used to patronise Carnaby Street, it soon seeped into popular culture through their songs. The most glaring examples are “Everywhere the Carnabetian Army marches on, each one a dedicated follower of fashion”, which is a direct reference to Carnaby contained in the Kinks’ “Dedicated Follower of Fashion”; the naming of Paggy March’s (famous for her song, “I Will Follow Him”) 1966 album as “In der Carnaby Street”; and the song “Carnaby Street” penned by The Jam which compares the shops and consumerism with the situation in the world and the UK.

Simpsons Episode: The Simpsons episode “Simpsoncalifragilisticexpiala(Annoyed Grunt)cious” shows that the Carnaby Street culture exists even today as it saw Bart and Lisa appear on the street dressed in Mod fashion.

Henry Moss Foxed!: Harry Fox and Henry Moss had opened Lady Jane in 1966 creating the first boutique shop on Carnaby Street that was meant to cater exclusively to women. Moss thought of an original idea to use live models in his shop windows which was all very well until when the models had to dress and undress down to their knickers due to which a large audience of men used to gather outside the window. As a result, Moss was arrested and fined £2 for obstructing the highway. Later, Fox left the shop and opened his own stores that were named Lady Jane Again, Lady Jane’s Birdcage, and Sir Harry.

Males Only: In the 50s and 60s, a majority of the shops on Carnaby Street catered to men’s fashions while shops for women’s fashions were located on King’s Road.

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Carnaby Street W1 Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage.

Lucy Massage Tantra Expert Carnaby Street London W1.

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