Chakra Detox Week 2

Chakra Detox Week 2

We are now on week 2 Monday 11th January 2016 of my personal Chakra Detox. New Year, new start why not join me each week with my weekly Chakra Detox. You can still do the Chakra Detox and start anytime you like.

My Nude Tantric Massage sessions are exploring real Tantra. To experience a Total Body Orgasm I work up through your Chakra to achieve this. When you work with the energy of your Chakras in a mindful way you will feel more balanced and re-energised.

We have now moved up to the SACRAL Chakra. I will keep things simple for you. If you have any questions you are more than welcome to catch me on WebCam or come and see me in person.

The SACRAL Chakra is your passion and creativity.

Sanskrit name: Svadhisthana (sweetness)
Element: Water
Color: Orange
Shape: Circle with crescent
Petals of the lotus: Six
Seed sound: VANG
Vowel sound: Oo
Rights: To feel, to want
Endocrine gland: Ovaries, testicles
Physical association: Womb, genitals, kidney, bladder
Psychological function: Movement and connection
Identity: Emotional
Developmental stage: 6 months – 2 years
Challenge: Guilt
Plane: Astral plane
Planets: Mercury, Jupiter, Moon
Incense: Gardenia, damiana
Herb: Fennel, corriander

The way I work my personal Chakra Detox of the SACRAL Chakra is each week I will be aware of the following. Please join me and take this week to mull over the following

Think about your passions and your pleasures.

Do you experience life through feelings and sensations?

Are letting yourself go? Allowing change and transformation?

How do you feel about your body?

Are you aware of your feelings?

Do you treat yourself?

When was the last time you did something creative?(This could be writing, drawing, or even building a sandcastle! Anything you choose for your own pleasure not work.)

Sacral Chakra Detox Lucy Massage Tantra Expert
Sacral Chakra Detox
Lucy Massage Tantra Expert

The SACRAL Chakra is represented by the colour orange. Embrace the energy by wearing orange clothes to keep you mindful. Put on a pair of orange tone socks or sport an orange scarf!

The SACRAL Chakra is located a few inches below the navel is associated with sexuality, reproduction and creativity. Fruits, nuts and honey will stimulate this center and keep it healthy. Fruits with seeds are particularly helpful. Mangoes, melons, oranges and strawberries are some great choices. Think luscious, ripe and juicy!

I personally embrace all orange foods and drinks. Get cooking and enjoy pumpkin, orange beetroot, and apricot etc.

Drink some mango or orange. Be naughty and have a sneaky Bucks Fizz.

There are many yoga poses which activate the SACRAL Chakra that I can show you when you meet me for a Tantric Massage.

The main thing is to be mindful this week of your SACRAL Chakra. You will soon start noticing the change in yourself and also in the people around you.

Change is good! Try these simple tips and start your SACRAL Chakra Detox.

Come over and meet me and feel the amazing energy of Tantric Massage! This is the point of having a Tantric Massage to work in this wonderful energy.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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