Chakra Detox Week 8

Chakra Detox week 8

We are now on week 8 Monday 22nd February 2016 of my personal Chakra Detox. New Year, new start why not join me each week with my weekly Chakra Detox. You can still do the Chakra Detox and start anytime you like.

My Nude Tantric Massage sessions are exploring real Tantra. To experience a Total Body Orgasm I work up through your Chakra to achieve this. When you work with the energy of your Chakras in a mindful way you will feel more balanced and re-energised.

This week is the conclusion of our journey up through the Chakras. I hope that this simple Chakra Detox has helped and evoked change. My aim was to introduce you to being aware of the amazing energy of you.

Chakra Detox Lucy Massage
Chakra Detox Lucy Massage.

As life in these modern times is so busy and distracted it is lovely to take time for you. Your mind and body are same they are connected. Powerful healing can happen when instigated by you. All of us have this wonderful ability to evoke change. Anyone can do this. Western medicines attitude to taking a pill to fix things just does not have the same power as your own will. I am not recommending chucking all your pills out as that would be irresponsible of me. I am here to say that you have options and can have your own medicine kit inside your mind.

I work with the wonderful energy of the chakras which I have embraced for the last 20 years. But for me this started long before meeting my more traditional teachers. It has always been within me this inner knowledge. It is also within you. When you apply the wisdom of the indigenous cultures of the world and are aware of it, you will feel this powerful medicine.

I am English and of course work with the energy of this land. I also work with the Native American Medicine Wheel as I spent most of my formative years there. I am also very interested in Japanese culture and the Reiki teachings. The African teachings of the Mangoes people of the Song which arose from the area in Africa which is the cradle of civilisation are huge in my awareness. But the Indians have me enthralled with Tantra. I love to practice Ayuvedic Medicine and Massage techniques. I blend these wonderful Teachings from all my studies and travels and Sacredly Weave them to ensure that when you meet me you will feel and revere this Ancient Wisdom.

I encourage you this week to look into your own culture but also explore what you are drawn to. As the world becomes smaller and technology allows us to easily access more and more information take a break and think about you. There will be things that you are more naturally drawn to. Go for it and find out more!

Take this week to really feel that energy change. One of the ways to stop and pause is to look back on years that have past to find your future.

What were you interested in before responsibilities, work and the daily grind got you onto the treadmill which is modern life?

What would you like to do?

How do you want to live?

When will you spend your time on what feeds your spirit?

For me the most important thing is quality of life.

Come and meet me and enjoy a life changing Tantric Massage Session. I am real the question is are you?

Have a ponder this this week. If you would like to learn more or explore the energies you are more than welcome to see me.

I would like to remind you of a teaching I learnt many years ago. If you only work with the energy of the Base Chakra and that was all you did all your life that would stand you in good stead. I do know of amazing people who do this. Everything falls into place when you have a good solid foundation. I am not saying that this path is right for everyone but it is something to think about.

I hope you have enjoyed my Chakra Detox. You can repeat it whenever you chose. You can also do it different ways for example over the course of week day by day or even just do it in 7 mins being aware and just sitting with each Chakra a minute each. There is no right or wrong. You have to do what is right for you.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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  1. I am typically to rnuning a blog and i actually recognize your content. The article has really peaks my interest. I’m going to bookmark your website and preserve checking for new information.

    1. Hi Hosam

      Thank you for your comment. I love to share the experience of working with the Chakras. There are many easy ways to find balance and embrace the energy of the Chakras. The main thing is to start putting things into a daily routine for yourself. I hope that you will continue on your quest and if you have any questions please email me. I am here to help.

      Lucy x

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