Chinese New Year

We are in the wonderful energy of the Chinese New Year of the Wood Sheep.

I am sharing with you some information so you can embrace this energy.
The *NEW MOON* on February 18th / 19th  kicks of the Chinese New Year as well as the Tibetan New Year celebration of Losar which heralds the astrological year of the Wood Sheep!

The Wood Sheep brings a feminine Yin energy of togetherness which strengthens relations and inspires community-building as collective/group consciousness comes to the fore.  All acts of kindness, cooperation, healing and creativity are encouraged!

There is confusion or maybe no confusion as to the animal this year relates to. The reason is that the word for the eighth animal in the Chinese zodiac’s 12-year cycle of creatures, yang in Mandarin, does not make the distinction found in English between goats and sheep and other members of the Caprinae subfamily. Without further qualifiers, yang might mean any such hoofed animal that eats grass and bleats.

“Some translations refer to Sheep as Ram or Goat. This can be misleading. Ram is a yang symbol of masculinity, but Sheep is essentially yin. Ram could be confused with the western sign Aries the Ram, but Sheep has little of Aries’ fiery combativeness.”
“Aries correlates to the Chinese sign Dragon. Goat may bring to mind the western sign Capricorn the Goat, but Sheep rarely possess the drive and ambition to ascend to the mountaintop like Capricorn who correlates to the Chinese sign Ox. Sheep correlates to the western sign Cancer, the sign of the mother and nurturer.”

In addition to the twelve year cycle corresponding to each of the animals in the Chinese Zodiac, there are Five Elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) which are associated with their own “life force” or “chi”.
This energy blends with the corresponding animal to determine that year’s fortune.

In 2015, the corresponding element is Wood.
Wood by its very nature, is the element associated with all living things, the “spring” or life renewal process.
Wood relates to trees which relate to the color green. The Year of the Wood Sheep (or Goat) is therefore also known as the Year of the Green Sheep (or Goat).

What does Wood and Sheep mixed together bring?

The Sheep is kind, tender and sympathetic. Sheep are creative and elegant. Because of their softer side, they are symbolic of peace and harmony.

The Year of the Sheep follows a tumultuous Year of the Horse, and heralds a more calm atmosphere. Combined with the evergreen and renewal characteristics of Wood, the Sheep’s creativity will be unleashed.
If last year was the Horse’s year to gallop and take off, this year will be the year for contemplating and appreciating what has already been accomplished, to think about bringing goodness to others, to take a deep breath and calmly look at what’s ahead. A steady path, generosity, and keeping the peace are this year’s mantra.

These are some thoughts expressed to explain the energy of this fantastic Sheep New Year.

“The sheep….signifies good human relationships. It is a very Yin animal and considered somewhat passive. Since this is also a Yin Wood year, it is considered a good year for women and families and for all Yin actions that include such things as kindness, caring and creativity.
“…On a larger scale, this year will increase Human Kindness or Humanitarianism, as that is the higher vibration of the Wood Element and people will seek to cease the suffering in others. Spirituality will become more important and religions will become more welcoming, gain members and there will be more tolerance for those of different faiths.”
“…This is a year of forgiveness and reconciliation. There will be more harmony amongst people and people will be more likely to keep their promises. What looked like crises last year will have solutions.
“People will do better when they act assertively instead of aggressively. Revenge, hate and violence will not be supported. Abuse of women and children will not be tolerated. But beware of hidden passive aggressiveness in those that were formerly outward with their anger.
“However, there will also be many examples of good deeds and compassionate actions. People will band together to do good things and will want to change things for the better. “
“…This is a great year for family because sheep like to be together in a flock…Make more of an effort to be with loved ones this year and create more family harmony.”

“Sheep correlates to the Western sign Cancer, the sign of the mother and nurturer.
“So what is of value in Sheep year is intimacy, family, and close friendships. We can be more caring, gentle, and sensitive with each other.
“This is the year to develop a wild heart, open to love and acceptance on all levels.
“Another theme of Sheep year is to express your creative side. Now is the time for artistic development and cultivation of beauty.
“People born in Sheep years (2015, 2003, 1991, 1979, 1967,1955, 1943, 1931, 1919, 1907) are artistic, kind, inspired, very empathetic, and naturally creative. They appreciate beauty in all its forms, and are connoisseurs of the best life has to offer.
“They can find success in artistic fields, especially the healing arts. With a tendency to be introspective, Sheep require solitary peaceful moments to replenish. Sheep often struggle in youth until their first Saturn return at age 28 – 30, but as they age become stronger and discover their true calling. The most fortunate part of a Sheep’s life is when they are an elder.
“The mildness of Sheep can hide an independent streak. In the wild, Sheep are surprisingly tough and able to tolerate sever weather and scarcity of food.
“Sheep have this natural ability to survive when one must, and are far stronger than they appear. A Sheep can be calm and charming, yet is very focused and determined.”

I have always been a black sheep so I am very excited about this New Year.

Pop over and meet me as I welcome new friends and old to celebrate this glorious energy.

Baa Baa

See you soon,

Lucy x

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