Colouring. London Tantric Massage by Lucy Massage.


London Tantric Massage by Lucy Massage.  Tantric Massage Expert.

I have been involved for the last 20 years with Holistic Therapies. Art Therapy is a wonderful way to engage. You can reach out to people of any age. There are so many mediums to explore.

I like to get back to basics. To the beginning.

Colouring.  London Tantric Massage by Lucy Massage.
Colouring. London Tantric Massage by Lucy Massage.

I would like to focus on a very hot topic in the news at the moment. Whats going on? Well the hot news is colouring. Yes I mean colouring books. I noticed myself in the bookshop the other day a huge range of interesting colouring books for adults.

You can find ones with interesting patterns, landscapes, animals, flowers and also ones that you can do your own drawings in.

Sales of crayons and colouring pencils are significantly up. There are so many people going back to their childhood pastime.

In this age of Technology overload, people have had enough of staring at screens. It is not relaxing. It eats your time and your energy.

What is more lovely and satisfying then to sit down and get lost in colouring? It allows you to create something beautiful without the adult hang ups of I cant draw etc. Anyone can have a go. You are completely free to choose your colour and there is no right or wrong. You are in charge but also free.

I have personally done a lot of work with embracing art therapy. I love to work with the energy of the Chakras. All colours are welcome!

Why not wake up your creative self and re-learn the beauty of colour.

Pop over and meet me and enjoy a relaxing Tantric Massage and see all the colours of the rainbow!

Call to book please.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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