Naturist Tantric Massage.  Nude Tantric Massage.  Body to Body Massage.

Tantric Massage can help you explore the 9 Noble Virtues.  Fidelity is the fifth virtue that I am writing about.

These modern days provide a difficult back drop to be yourself.  Are you loyal to yourself?  It is all about exchange and balance.  Are experiencing Fidelity in your life?   By experiencing a Real Tantric Massage Experience you can explore your journey back to yourself.  Relaxing your body and your mind will help you to get back to yourself.  Allow yourself to be yourself.   Take care of your body and your mind.  This is important for you to feel inner balance.

FIDELITY LUCY MASSAGE TANTRA EXPERT. Naturist Tantric Massage. Nude Tantric Massage. Body to Body Massage.
Naturist Tantric Massage. Nude Tantric Massage. Body to Body Massage.


Fidelity is the will to be loyal to one’s Gods and Goddesses, to one’s Folk, to one’s self, and loyalty to one’s friends was as valued as highly as loyalty to one’s family.  How one interprets the concept of loyalty is largely up to the individual as there are many different levels of loyalty, and hence Fidelity.  Each person knows within themselves just what this means to them, and it is important that others understand this, to be able to form the bonds of loyalty that exist on all levels.

Fidelity includes your commitment to your Kindred, your commitment to your Family responsibilities, and your commitment to making the world a better place.  In this ‘modern era’ courage is the first to falter- courage is what holds our loyalties to us, what holds them true and keeps those bonds strong.  Our bonds serve as the conduit upon which the might of our collective folk-essence travels, the very web that weaves together the tapestry of our Folk.

We must be unfailing in our loyalties- to our Gods, Ancestors, tribe, faith and folk.  Any breach of loyalty is a tear upon the fabric of the weave, and so threatens the destruction of all we have worked to achieve.  We as a folk cannot suffer to permit a faltering of fidelity on any level.

Troth is the native Germanic word for faith, fealty, or loyalty to one’s family, friends, kindred, lord, or Gods is considered amongst the highest of virtues.  A warrior that survived his lord in battle, or failed to lay down his life defending kinfolk was shunned in society.
Troth was what ensured that “hold oaths” (oaths of fealty) and wedding vows were kept. Oaths were seen as sacred contracts, and oath breakers seen as the worst of offenders. Unlike the other virtues, to be lacking in this one would have meant death in the Elder Period.

Generosity, was seen as perhaps the highest of virtues and is intimately related to Loyalty on several levels. Many passages in the Hávamál deal with giving and its importance, and if one looks closely at those passages, one sees that giving was not seen as a one-sided affair, but as an equal exchange. The Ancient Heathens saw giving as not only the exchange of physical gifts, but also as an exchange of mystical power as well. Every gift given called for a gift in return. Should one fail to give the original giver a gift, he would lose main equal to the main contained in the gift to the giver. Mægen exchanged through gifts over a long period of time between two or more people created a bond similar to kinship, due to personal main’s intimate link to one’s soul. Thus kings gave gifts to their thanes, friends exchanged gifts at Yule, gifts were exchanged between bride and groom, and sacrifices were seen as gifts to the gods (obligating the gods to give something in return). However, one could give too much or too often and thereby negate any obligation of a gift in return; nor were gifts amongst kinsmen common, for they shared the same main on a certain level anyway (through the kinfylgja). In this way, the pre-conversion Germans saw giving not only as a physical act, but as a metaphysical one as well.

Equality of the sexes was one of the ancient Germanic virtues, though no doubt to them it was just a way of life. Men and women were treated the same under Germanic law until late in the Elder Period when Christian ideas intruded and took over. Early in the Heathen Period, the ancient Heathens even placed Women above Men in certain respects. According to Tacitus, “They think that there is something sacred and provident about women. They neither fail to consult them nor do they scoff at their counsel. In Germanic wills, sons and daughters were treated evenly.

If you find a friend you fully trust
And wish for his good-will,
exchange thoughts,
exchange gifts,
Go often to his house


Naturist Tantric Massage.  Nude Tantric Massage.  Body to Body Massage.

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