Leonie Receptionist for Lucy Massage.

Leonie Receptionist for Lucy Massage.  Book a Nude Tantric Massage with Lucy Massage.

I will be easier to contact if you would like to book a Nude Tantric Massage.

As you know I do enjoy a full life. I love to teach and see clients from my Harley St practice. I am also attending Oxford University on a 3 month course. In order to give everything my full attention I am taking this opportunity to announce my new receptionist Leonie.

For me this will be a breath of fresh air as I wont have to deal with texters! Despite repeatedly repeating CALL TO BOOK I still am flooded with texts. I dont carry on text conversations with my friends so do not want to participate when I am working. Please do contact me for information and benefits of Technology Detox which I can help you with (this is for clients that need to be surgically detached from their phones and abnormally sized thumbs from texting!).

Lucy Massage Receptionist
Lucy Massage Receptionist.

If you would like to meet me then please CALL my lovely Leonie. She keeps my diary and can also help with any questions. You can of course still email me personally and catch me on WebCam if you would like to contact me directly. You are also welcome to leave a message with Leonie and I will get back to you.

Leonie is a very experienced receptionist so I am very lucky to have her. She is polite, patient and very discreet.

She will be answering my phones 7 days a week if you would like to book a NudeTantric Massage. Do not wind her up by asking what I wearing as I will be in my birthday suit for the duration of the session. The clue is in the NUDE Tantric Massage!

Call Leonie, book in and enjoy a wonderful relaxing Nude Tantric Massage Session.

See you soon,

Lucy x

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  1. Hello,

    I just sent an email and wanted to know info could make a booking for the morning of the 22nd at about 9:00 or 10:00am?

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