Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage Expert AdultWork.

London Tantric Massage Expert Lucy Massage AdultWork.  Nude Sensual Body to Body Massage. English Mature Qualified Masseuse.  Naturist Tantra Massage.

Hi today I am posting a longer blog.  I would like to explain why I am on AdultWork.

Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage Expert.
Lucy Massage London Tantric Massage Expert.

When you look at my profile you will see that I am unique.  I am a qualified therapist and genuinely do all the treatments listed.  I also teach and heal clients which are mainstream.

Tantra is using the powerful life force energy which drives us humans.  To get this energy flowing to release your drive, I use a very intimate technique.  It is very healing and it makes you feel very calm and relaxed.  It also effects your mind.  After you see me any insecurities start to leave you.  You start having belief in yourself.  Clients have told me that feel like they have changed and start looking at life in a more optimistic way.  Everyone told me you can’t advertise on AdultWork with what you do.   Contrary to their beliefs it does actually work for me.

I have met so many wonderful people through AdultWork.  Some are very close friends now outside this world of AdultWork.  My clients I treat with respect.  I am present in my mind when I see them.   I do not have to think of England!  I want to be present and treat you as being important.  I want everyone I see to have a fantastic session.  Every single person who walks through the door will walk out knowing that I care and that I am a good person.  My intentions are pure.  You can talk to me about anything in strict confidence.  It will go no further.  I am a therapist.

You might be intrigued by my profile.  Like my photos in a visual way.  I am here to open all your senses.  Your mind and body will be stimulated.  You could walk in with your intentions being very carnal.  You will have a powerful release.  This gets all the energy flowing as I work with all your Chakra’s.  It the most intimate and sensual experience you can have.  It helps that I am a visual delight!

It doesn’t matter why you have been attracted to come to me.  Everyone is looking for what they need at that moment.  You could need a therapeutic more sports related massage to help a muscular complaint.  I can treat you and offer further advice about other experts you need or teach you some yoga exercises that will stop the complaint from happening in the future.

You might be interested in doing some motivational work with your mind. I will encourage you to feel the passion in your heart. You might feel like there is not enough time and stress is overwhelming you. You have to look after yourself and treat yourself with kindness. Make the time to do something that you enjoy. It will help the balance in your life.

I offer a half hour Taster Session for you to get to know me.  You will see I am a happy person.  I have done a lot of work to get to this stage in my life.  It has not been a bed of roses.  Everyone has things they need to deal with in their mind.  You have caught me at the best time of my life.  I feel very content.  I love helping people that is why I teach and heal.  Do not tell anyone that I give homework!  Its all good though.   I want your life to become easier.

I am presently teaching a few of my friends the art of tantra so that it frees my time for me to concentrate on my teaching work outside Adultwork.  Come and meet them when I am training them.  It is a very different energy!

There is no right or wrong.  I do not have rules and regulations.  When you come and see me every session is different.


Just come over and completely relax body and mind.

Whether you see me once for a bit of fun or become part of the club.  Everyone is welcome for whatever reason.  I do not judge anyone.

Adultwork is great whatever your looking for.

See you soon,

Lucy x

Please CALL to book.

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